Screens are the New Tiles

IAdea AnyTiles is the leading tool for building tiled LCD video walls that cover any space of any size. Conventional video walls are limited by the number of tiles (screens) that can be connected.

AnyTiles enables a mesh of video wall players that works with any display to help you quickly build a video wall.

Award Winning Video Wall Solution

Deployments of video walls powered by AnyTiles

“… massive …”
Dave Haynes, Editor-in-Chief, Sixteen:Nine

Why AnyTiles

  • Pixel perfect

AnyTiles achieved an amazing 18K-by-4K pixel resolution on this video wall, offering 10X higher pixel density than the competition.

  • Infinitely scalable

AnyTiles creates the larger-than-life 10-meter by 3-meter video wall spanning 36 super-narrow bezel displays. With AnyTiles’ ability to scale, the size of the video wall can virtually extend without limitation.

  • Dynamic content

AnyTiles differs from competing solutions, which are limited to video contents only. The highly versatile AnyTiles platform supports HTML5 and desktop mirroring to play live content and enable interactivity.


What makes AnyTiles superior?

See why the innovative architecture used by AnyTiles enables us to win against competition.