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  • Activate on a new player
  • 30-day
  • Unlimited wall size/shape
  • True 4K per tile

Bundle with Player

$99Bundled Special
  • Buy bundled with a new player
  • One-time fee
  • Unlimited wall size/shape
  • True 4K per tile

Starter Kits

Up to20% OFF
  • Just add screens
  • Buy online (USA only)
  • Great for retail promotion, digital menuboards
  • True 4K per Tile

See why AnyTiles is a more cost-effective solution compared to others.

AnyTiles requires optional license activation on applicable player hardware. You will need one license for each tile (screen) on your video wall. If you are building a 4-screen video, you will need four AnyTiles players and licenses. You can acquire a license with the following ways.

  • If you are buying a new player with AnyTiles feature enabled, choose “Bundle with Player”;
  • If you already have a media player, and want to enable AnyTiles license on it, contact IAdea. You will receive a digital certificate for you to install on your existing player.

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